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What does the term APB mean?

What does the term APB mean?

what does apb stand for?

All-points bulletins have been used by US counties to aid in environmental management. The Winnemucca office of the Bureau of Land Management frequently uses all-points bulletins to communicate messages about their local desert ranges. In January 2003, the bureau had put out an all-points bulletin regarding missing cheatgrass and the fields. It was regarded as “quite worrisome” that the cheatgrass had suddenly been disappearing, since it is a dominant plant in Nevada, and protects the soil from erosion.

what does apb stand for?

Police officers will use computers, both at the police-station and fitted in their vehicles, connected to a private police intranet, to access APBs. Other forms of media that perform similar functions to APBs include smartphone apps and internet web pages. Besides in the field of policing, APBs are almost completely out of use in 21st century society.

Conversation Examples

The quicker they can blast out information, the quicker the officers can act and attempt to save lives. Included in an APB is whatever information the officers have on the suspect or subject. This can include gender, race, skin color, hair color, heigh and weight estimations, clothing descriptions, and means of transport. The APB attempts to include as much information as possible so police enforcement officers can narrow down their search.

What is APB in the UK?

APB is an abbreviation for all-points bulletin.

The APB provides descriptions and instructions on arresting a particular person of interest or wanted person. Users access these all-points bulletins “through terminals or microcomputers by dialling in over dedicated or general-purpose telecommunication lines”. The APB then show messages that will be readable for the users of the system, and in some systems, users are able to attach their own messages similar to a virtual bulletin board. Consequently, messages would not only be able to be seen by the sender, but also by subsequent users of the digital bulletin system, who could also add their own information and messages to this bulletin. Users were thus able to build information upon one another, enabling for discussion of ideas and information between individuals in society from despite using different computers in different locations. Other namesAPB, BOLOUsesPolicing, politicsTypesComputer, radio, paperAn all-points bulletin is an electronic information broadcast sent from one sender to a group of recipients, to rapidly communicate an important message.

Law Enforcement:

In the field of policing, an all-points bulletin contains an important message about a suspect or item of interest, which officers may be in search for. They are primarily used for individuals who are classified as dangerous and for crimes of high priority. In these fields, the APB may also be known as a BOLO, for “be on look-out”. The modern, 21st Century technological evolution of the all-points bulletin is mainly only used in the world of policing.

Anall-points bulletin is a broadcast issued from any American or Canadian law enforcement agency to its personnel, or to other law enforcement agencies. It typically contains information about a wanted suspect who is to be arrested or a person of interest, for whom law enforcement officers are to look. All-points what does apb stand for? bulletin is a term related to police practice and procedures, which dates back to 1960. APB is a broadcast issued from one U.S. law enforcement agency to another. Such bulletins contain information about wanted criminals, wanted suspects, or any other person of interest to the law enforcement officers.

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If you have recently come across this acronym and were wondering its meaning, then you have arrived in the right spot. Here you will find the meaning of this term and the phrase that it represents. You will also find details about its origin and some other meanings if it has any. Conversation examples will be provided to you here as well so you can learn how the term is used properly in an everyday context and help you gain a better knowledge of its meaning. Finally, you will see some words or phrases that can be used in place of the phrase that this acronym represents that will not change its meaning. In 1967, Los Angeles County Road Department discovered parts of a human skeleton in the Angeles National Forest.

Politicians would access a computer terminal to send out all-points bulletins to voters.

What does APB stand for Urban Dictionary?

"All Points Bulletin" is the most common definition for APB on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. APB.

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