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Cryptocurrency Glossary Of Terms & Acronyms

Cryptocurrency Glossary Of Terms & Acronyms

Bitcoin Vocabulary

ICO – an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the cryptocurrency equivalent of an Initial Public Offering (IPO). It offers investors the opportunity to back a new crypto project. Soft forks involve iterative changes to the blockchain’s rules that can be considered as an update only. Hard forks are when changes are so significant that the new version is incompatible with the old version and stands apart from it.

Futures contact – binding contract to buy or sell something in the future at a fixed price . Forfeiture – when the tenant has not met the conditions of tenancy agreement therefore losing the possession of the property. Force majeure – an event that cannot be controlled and will stop duties under an agreement from being carried out. Family Division – sector of the high court that specifically deals with marriage,
divorce and probate. False pretences – the crime of knowingly making untrue statements for the purpose of
obtaining money or property fraudulently.

Data mining

All operating systems (Windows, Linux and macOS) use a hosts file as a first point of call to map a hostname (or URI) to an IP address. If a file hash value for a file on a victim’s system matches one of the published hashes then the malware is present and can be identified. There is a very small possibility that two files could have the same hash value, this is called ‘hash collision’. File hashes are a unique value produced by running a hash algorithm against a file.

Bitcoin Vocabulary

In the instance of success, the fee is determined
as a percentage of the compensation received by the client. Damages – monetary compensation to be paid to a claimant for loss caused by the wrongful act of another. Recovery of damages is the primary objective of most civil litigation in the UK. Counterclaim – a claim made by the defendant that opposes the claimant’s claim. The counterclaim will be included in the same proceedings as the original claim.

Seed Money

This refers to data that is extremely large or too big for a traditional data-processing application software to handle. The digitisation of a banks service to better serve customers who prefer online banking or aren’t located near a physical branch. This credit/debit payment occurs when the ACH network instructs the transfer of money from one account to another. Often investors will have payout priority over other shareholders through liquidation preference clauses. Very early startup investment raised from people in the founders’ personal network.

Bitcoin Vocabulary

Contempt of Court – When someone risks unfairly influencing a court case which may affect the ability to have a fair trial. Contempt of court may include disobeying or ignoring a court order, taking photos or shouting in court or refusing to answer the court’s question if called as a witness. Compulsory Liquidation – Winding up of a company after a petition https://www.tokenexus.com/bitcoin-vocabulary/ to the court, usually by a creditor. Chattels real – an item of property other than
freehold land which is tangible and is leased. Byelaws – these are local laws that are made by a local council or enabling power that require something to be done or not done in a specific area. They are accompanied by a sanction or penalty if they are not followed.

Mid-sized full service banks

This change of attitude is welcome as it complements other private and public initiatives in the world of payments which is innovating at a greater pace than ever. To maintain the right balance between security and privacy, it is unlikely that CBDCs will be fully anonymous like cash, but rather provide some level of privacy. It should be reminded that Bitcoin and crypto-assets provide only semi-anonymity. A type of malware that is standalone and spreads to other machines by replicating itself. The replication rapidly consumes storage and creates performance issues. Worms are triggered without user interaction and are capable of targeted attacks.

  • Terahash (per second) – the rate at which a computer or network can guess one trillion hashes per second when mining cryptocurrency.
  • It involves passing characters into software that move file operations to the parent directory, with ‘../’ being the most common sequence.
  • In recent months, we have seen the first steps of concerted moves towards CBDCs.
  • Please see About Deloitte to learn more about our global network of member firms.
  • It’s something that makes the world go round, but it doesn’t really exist.
  • “Staking” is a relatively new addition to the financial vocabulary.

Traditional watchdogs, like the Financial Conduct Authority, at present have no powers of regulation over bitcoin. Another downside cited by the ECB is that there is no protection for those who use bitcoin – it can be stolen by computer hackers. Wallet – a digital storage device or location for keeping crypto assets secure. Wallets can be online (see hot wallet) or offline (see cold wallet).

Socket Secure – SOCKS

A security system that monitors and controls traffic between an internal network (trusted to be secure) and an external network (not trusted). It is generally considered insufficient against modern cyber threats. Technologies, software and strategies for securing devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, workstations and servers that connect to a network. Domain generation algorithms (DGA) are algorithms that periodically generate large numbers of unique domain names for use as rendezvous points for command and control (C2) servers.

Bitcoin Vocabulary

These scripts are not necessarily malicious, but there is very little justification for a web application to do this. This is designed to be undetectable user and typically will not interrupt the users browsing session. The payload is the component of an exploit or malware that performs malicious activity.

Address Verification Service (AVS)

Several well-known security and anti-malware vendors produce their own free decrypters, which can be found on the No More Ransom website. A device used to coordinate the actions of other devices in a botnet or which are infected by a rootkit, worm https://www.tokenexus.com/ or other forms of malware. Client-side code executes within a user’s web browser and can be altered and modified by users. This enables an attacker to access data stored in memory by pushing extra data into the stack, causing it to overflow.

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